Second Joint Meeting on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation
Summary of the Third International Symposium on Microneurosurgical Anastomoses for Cerebral Ischemia June 28-30, 1976, Rottach-Egern, West Germany
Summary of Eighth International Salzburg Conference on Cerebral Vascular Disease, Salzburg, Austria, September 22-25, 1976
Sanguineous Cerebrospinal Fluid in Recanalized Cerebral Infarction
Action of Vasodilators on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Subacute or Chronic Cerebral Ischemia
Granulomatous Angiitis An Unusual Etiology of Stroke
Reassessment of Cerebral Capillary Changes in Acute Global Ischemia and Their Relationship to the "No-Reflow Phenomenon"
Radionuclide Cerebral Blood Flow and Carotid Angiogram Correlation in Internal Carotid Artery Disease
Effect of Cerebrospinal Fluid Removal on Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease Versus Recent Stroke
Cortical Evoked Potential and Extracellular K+ and H+ at Critical Levels of Brain Ischemia
Frequency and Course of Pure Motor Hemiparesis
Experimental Regional Cerebral Ischemia in the Middle Cerebral Artery Territory in Primates Part 1
Experimental Regional Cerebral Ischemia in the Middle Cerebral Artery Territory in Primates Part 2
Cation Activities in Reversible Ischemia of the Cat Brain
Adrenergic lnnervation of Large Cerebral Blood Vessels of the Rabbit Studied by Fluorescence Microscopy Absence of Features That Might Contribute to Non-Uniform Change in Cerebral Blood Flow
Failure of Prolonged Hypocapnia, Hypothermia, or Hypertension to Favorably Alter Acute Stroke in Primates
133Xenon Inhalation Method Analysis of Reproducibility
Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in the Anesthetized Mouse as Measured by Local Hydrogen Clearance
Relative Role of Factors Associated With Cerebral Infarction and Cerebral Hemorrhage A Matched Pair Case-Control Study
Reserpine and Cerebral Vasospasm
News frown the American Heart Association
Abstracts from the Ninth Cerebrovascular Research Center Workshop February 23-24, 1977, Miami, Florida
XIV. Cerebral Ischemia