Noninvasive Techniques for Diagnosis of Carotid Artery Disease
Summary of 11th Princeton Conference on Cerebrovascular Disease Nassau Inn, Princeton, NJ, March 5-7, 1978
4th Tbilisi Symposium on Brain Blood Supply
Free Radical Pathology
Free Radicals in Cerebral Ischemia
"Stump" of Internal Carotid Artery - A Source for Further Cerebral Embolic Ischemia
Intracerebral Hemorrhage Following Carotid Endarterectomy
Extracranial-Intracranial Bypass in Experimental Cerebral Infarction in Dogs 461
Imaging the Carotid Bifurcation Using Continuous-Wave Doppler-Shift Ultrasound and Spectral Analysis
Prevention of Persistent Cerebral Smooth Muscle Contraction in Response to Whole Blood
Effect of Aminophylline on Cerebral Infarction in the Mongolian Gerbil
Effect of DPPD (Diphenyl-para-Phenylenediamine) on Stroke and Cerebral Edema in Gerbils
Intravenous Glycerol in Cerebral Infarction
Vasoconstrictor Effect of Angiotensin on Pial Arteries 487
Responses of Isolated Dog Cerebral and Peripheral Arteries to Prostaglandins after Application of Aspirin and Polyphloretin Phosphate
Cerebral Arterial Lesions Resulting from Inflammatory Emboli
Cerebral Hemodynamics in Shy-Drager Syndrome Variability of Cerebral Blood Flow Dysautoregulation and the Compensatory Role of Chemical Control in Dysautoregulation
Cerebral Blood Flow in the Monkey after Focal Cryogenic Injury
Holter Monitoring in Patients with Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia
Neurological Syndromes After Cardiac Arrest
Cerebral Ammonia Metabolism
Cerebral Ammonia Metabolism
Definition of Dementia
Questions Arising in Carotid Bruit
Questions Arising in Carotid Bruit
Protective Effect of Mannitol