Effect of STA-MCA Anastomosis On the Course of Experimental Acute MCA Embolic Occlusion
Role of Adrenergic Nerves in Blood-Induced Cerebral Vasospasm
Results of Electroencephalographic Monitoring During 367 Carotid Endarterectomies Use of a Dedicated Minicomputer
Autopsy Study of Cerebrovascular Disease in Japanese Men Who Lived in Hiroshima, Japan, and Honolulu, Hawaii
Ineffectiveness of the Doppler Ophthalmic Test (DOT) in Post-Endarterectomy Evaluation
Topical Prostacydin (PGI2) Inhibits Platelet Aggregation in Pial Venules of the Mouse
Effect of Phenoxybenzamine on Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism in the Baboon During Hemorrhagic Shock
Modification of Cerebrovascular CO2 Reactivity by Inhibition of Dopamine β-Hydroxylase
Cerebral Artery Thrombosis and Intramural Hemorrhage
A New Canine Model of Proximal Internal Carotid Embolism
A Simplified Method for Measuring Regional Blood Flow
Cerebral Blood Flow Immediately Following Brief Circulatory Stasis
Critical Appraisal of Cerebral Blood Flow Measured from Brain Stem and Cerebellar Regions After 133Xe Inhalation in Humans
Recovery of Brain Mitochondrial Function in the Rat after Complete and Incomplete Cerebral Ischemia
Treatment of Acute Focal Ischemia with Continuous CSF Drainage and Mannitol
External Carotid Artery in Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion. Angiographic, Therapeutic, and Prognostic Considerations
Reversed Ophthalmic Artery Flow in Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion. A Re-Appraisal Based on Ultrasonic Doppler Investigations
Circulating Platelet Aggregates in Sickle Cell Disease Patients with and without Vaso-Occlusion
Neurological Monitoring Techniques Report of a Workshop, Winston-Salem, NC, June 5-6, 1978
Omental Transposition to Brain of Stroke Patients
Brain Stem Dysfunction in Transient Global Amnesia
Treatment of Aphasia Following Stroke
Trifluoperazine Pretreatment In Experimental CI Gerbils
Non-Invasive Methods Defended as Valuable
Non-Invasive Methods Defended as Valuable
Questions of Methodology With Labelled Microspheres
Questions of Methodology With Labelled Microspheres
Abstracts of the Cerebrovascular Clinical Research Center Workshop
Abstracts of Literature
News from the American Heart Associatio