Implications of changing trends in cerebrovascular and ischemic heart disease mortality.
Biology and therapeutic potential of prostacyclin.
Neuropeptides and stroke
True three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance neuro-imaging in ischemic stroke
Proton NMR imaging in experimental ischemic infarction.
Acute NMR changes during MCA occlusion
Chronological sequences and blood-brain barrier permeability changes in local injury as assessed by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) images from sliced rat brain.
Treatment of ischaemic stroke with prostacyclin.
Treatment of acute focal cerebral ischemia with prostacyclin.
Human pial vascular reactions to intravenous Nimodipine-infusion during EC-IC bypass surgery.
Transtentorial diaschisis
Pathophysiology of ischemic cell death
Pathophysiology of ischemic cell death
Pathophysiology of ischemic cell death
The angiopathy of subarachnoid hemorrhage
Auscultation of cervical and ocular bruits in extracranial carotid occlusive disease
Effects of vasoconstriction and distal dilation on carotid stenoses in the dog.
Measurement of carotid blood flow in man and its clinical application.
CSF enzymes in lacunar and cortical stroke.
Mechanisms of relaxant action of nicardipine, a new Ca++-antagonist, on isolated dog cerebral and mesenteric arteries.
CT and arteriographic comparison of patients with transient ischemic attacks--correlation with small infarction of basal ganglia.
Acute hypertensive subdural hematoma from arterial rupture shortly after the onset of cerebral subcortical hemorrhage
The chronic influence of sympathetic nerves on cerebral vessels is age-related.
Management of cervical bruits and carotid stenosis in preoperative patients.
Vascular dementia--still overdiagnosed.
Asymptomatic carotid bruit and stenosis
Epileptic seizures in patients with cerebral arterial occlusive disease.
Acute medical therapy of stroke.