Spontaneous brain hemorrhage
Spontaneous brain hemorrhage.
Recent progress in the role of platelets in occlusive vascular disease.
Hypertensive putaminal hemorrhage
Clinicopathological study of pontine hemorrhage.
Factors affecting the prognosis in thalamic hemorrhage.
Secondary brain stem hemorrhage in stroke.
Hypertensive putaminal hemorrhage presenting as pure motor hemiparesis.
Primary pontine hemorrhage and gustatory disturbance
Platelet function tests in thrombotic cerebrovascular disorders.
Usefulness of the measurement of plasma beta-thromboglobulin (beta-TG) in cerebrovascular disease.
Increase of low serum concentrations of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in TIA-patients treated with phenytoin.
Cerebral embolism in the Michael Reese Stroke Registry.
Risk of recurrent stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation and non-valvular heart disease.
Cardiac abnormalities in ischemic cerebrovascular disease studied by two-dimensional echocardiography.
Influence of echocardiography on management of patients with systemic emboli.
Effect of blood pressure on prevalence of carotid atheroma.
Middle cerebral artery perfusion pressure in cerebrovascular occlusive disease.
The effect of ischemia on biogenic amine concentrations in the central nervous system.
Ischemic brain edema with and without reperfusion
Regional cerebral glucose metabolism during and after bilateral cerebral ischemia in the gerbil.
Regional cerebral blood flow during hypotension in normotensive and stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats
Experimental cerebral vasospasm. Part 2. Contractility of spastic arterial wall.
Low protein fish vs low protein animal diet enhances the propensity for stroke in stroke-prone/SHR.
Increased transendothelial channel transport of cerebral capillary endothelium in stroke-prone SHR.
Comparison of the effects of hypertonic glycerol and urea on brain edema, energy metabolism and blood flow following cerebral microembolism in the rat. Deleterious effect of glycerol treatment.
Differential outcome to middle cerebral artery occlusion in spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats (SHRSP) and Wistar Kyoto (WKY) rats.
Spinal cord vasculature of the rat
Delayed cerebellar infarction following a car accident.
Cerebral fat embolism following cardiac surgery.
Severe anemia in childhood presenting as transient ischemic attacks.
Continuous measurement of regional cerebral blood flow using krypton-81m.
Intracranial arterial aneurysm--an update.
Carotid atheroma.
Value of n20 evoked response in acute sensory stroke.