Of Cerebral Blood Flow, Stroke and SPECT
Experimental Ischemic Stroke
Epidemiologic Studies of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke in Japanese Men Living in Japan, Hawaii and California Incidence of Stroke in Japan and Hawaii
Risk Factors Related to Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Cerebrovascular Disease at Autopsy The Honolulu Heart Study
A Collaborative Study of Stroke Incidence in Japan
Naloxone Administration To Patients With Acute Stroke
Assessment of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (rCBF) in Stroke Using SPECT and N-isopropyl-(I- 123)-p-iodoamphetamine (IMP)
Early Changes in Blood Brain Barrier Permeability To Small Molecules After Transient Cerebral Ischemia
Flow Patterns in the Human Carotid Artery Bifurcation
Cerebral Angiographic and Clinical Differences in Carotid System Transient Ischemic Attacks Between American Caucasian and Japanese Patients
Role of Intrinsic Arachidonate Metabolites in the Vascular Action of Erythrocyte Breakdown Products
Eicosapentaenoic Acid
Hypoaggregability of Washed Platelets from Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHRSP)
Transient Changes in Cerebral Vascular Resistance During the Valsalva Maneuver in Man
Stable Xenon CT CBF Measurements in Prevalent Cerebrovascular Disorders (Stroke)
Comparative Studies of Regional CNS Blood Flow Autoregulation and Responses to CO2 in the Cat
Comparative Studies of Regional CNS Blood Flow and Evoked Potentials in the Cat
Cerebral Blood Flow During Dihydralazine-Induced Hypotension in Hypertensive Rats
Local Vascular Response to Change in Carbon Dioxide Tension. Long Term Observation in the Cat's Brain by Means of the Hydrogen Clearance Technique
Cerebral Infarction Associated with Lupus Anticoagulants - Preliminary Report
Cerebral Hemorrhage Associated With Phenylpropanolamine in Combination With Caffeine
The Role of Adenosine in CBF Increases During Hypoxia in Young vs Aged Rats
Cerebrovascular Response to Hypoxia in Young vs Aged Rats
Effect of Intracarotid Hyperosmolar Mannitol on Cerebral Cortical Arterioles - A Morphometric Study
Rapid Freezing and Frozen Sectioning as a Means Of Preserving Brain Vessel Morphometric Characteristics
Brain and Plasma Proteins in Spinal Fluid as Markers for Brain Damage and Severity of Stroke
Observations of the Dynamics of Ionic Potassium-38 in Brain
Patency of External and Internal Carotid Artery in the Presence of an Occluded Common Carotid Artery
Cranial Nerve Paralysis Following Carotid Endarterectomy
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Federal Funding for Research in Stroke and Trauma - Clinical Investigator's Viewpoint
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