Correlation of Carotid Bruits and Carotid Atherosclerosis Detected by B-Mode Real-Time Ultrasonography

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The extent of carotid atherosclerosis evaluated by B-mode real-time ultrasound and the presence of bruits established by carotid phonoangiography were determined in 1,107 patients. Unilateral bruit was associated with increased atherosclerosis compared with no bruit (p < 0.0001). However, there was no association between laterality of the bruit and the degree of atherosclerosis (/7 = 0.66). There was marginal evidence that patients with bilateral bruits had more severe atherosclerosis than patients with unilateral bruit (p = 0.046). The relation between bruit and atherosclerosis categorized by B-mode ultrasound was not sufficient to reliably predict the presence or absence of disease in an individual patient, though the presence of a bruit should be viewed as a risk factor for, or an indicator of, increased risk of systemic atherosclerosis. (Stroke 1989;20:1331–1335)

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