Past Achievements and New Directions in Stroke Outcome Research
The Call for Action
An Overview of the Epidemiology of Stroke
Classification of Stroke by Neuroimaging Technique
Dementia Associated With Stroke
Affective Disorders After Stroke
Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment of Stroke Patients An Overview
Communication Deficits in Stroke Survivors
Staging Motor Impairment After Stroke
Use of Biofeedback in the Treatment of Stroke Patients
Time Intervals, Survival, and Destination
Classification of Stroke for Clinical Trials
Status of Measurement in Stroke Rehabilitation Outcomes
Problems of Methodological Heterogeneity in Studies Predicting Disability After Stroke
A Model Stroke Classification Scheme and Its Use in Outcome Research
Patterns of Care for Stroke Survivors
An Overview of Stroke Rehabilitation
Studies Up to 1980 on Stroke Rehabilitation Outcomes
Measurement of Stroke Rehabilitation Outcome in the 1980s
Psychosocial Outcomes in Stroke Survivors Implications for Research
Family Functioning Assessment Techniques in Stroke
Outcome Measures in Stroke
Outcome Studies in Stroke Rehabilitation The South Australian Stroke Study
Current Use of Functional Assessment to Measure Stroke Outcome in Canada
Stroke Outcome Research, a Multidimensional Problem in Need of Multidimensional Answers
Efficacy of Barthel Index in Evaluating Activities of Daily Living in Japan, the United States, and United Kingdom
International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and Handicaps (ICIDH)
Symposium Recommendations for Methodology in Stroke Outcome Research