The Neurologist's Role in Stroke Management
What Role Do Neurologists Play in Determining the Costs and Outcomes of Stroke Patients?
Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for Asymptomatic Carotid Atherosclerotic Disease
An Approach for the Use of Doppler Ultrasound as a Screening Tool for Hemodynamically Significant Stenosis (Despite Heterogeneity of Doppler Performance)
Hospital Services for Stroke Care
Carotid Doppler Ultrasound Criteria for Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis Based on Residual Lumen Diameter Calculated From En Bloc Carotid Endarterectomy Specimens
Transcranial Doppler Assessment of Cerebrovascular Reactivity in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Severe Carotid Stenosis
Race and Sex Differences in the Distribution of Cerebral Atherosclerosis
Age-Period-Cohort Effects on Stroke Mortality in Sweden 1969-1993 and Forecasts Up to the Year 2003
Carotid Artery Intima-Media Thickness in Elderly Patients With NIDDM and in Nondiabetic Subjects
Low Total Serum Cholesterol and Intracerebral Hemorrhagic Stroke
Precipitants of Brain Infarction
Impairments of the Protein C System and Fibrinolysis in Infection-Associated Stroke
Compensatory Increase in Common Carotid Artery Diameter
Cerebral Infarction in Patients Aged 15 to 40 Years
Risk Factors for Cerebral Hemorrhage in the Era of Well-Controlled Hypertension
Flow-Related Anaerobic Metabolic Changes in Patients With Severe Stenosis of the Internal Carotid Artery
Proteinuria Predicts Stroke and Other Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease Events in Nondiabetic and Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Subjects
Response of Patients With Major Depression and Silent Cerebral Infarction to Antidepressant Drug Therapy, With Emphasis on Central Nervous System Adverse Reactions
Magnetic Resonance Imaging White Matter Hyperintensities in Clinically Normal Elderly Individuals
Identification of Posttraumatic Ischemia and Hyperperfusion by Determination of the Effect of Induced Arterial Hypertension on Carbon Dioxide Reactivity
Dissociation of Vasoreactivity to Acetazolamide and Hypercapnia
Abnormal Heart Rate Variability as a Manifestation of Autonomic Dysfunction in Hemispheric Brain Infarction
Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase, Carnosinase, and Their Ratio in Acute Stroke
Alterations of the Blood-Brain Barrier and Glial Cells in White-Matter Lesions in Cerebrovascular and Alzheimer's Disease Patients
Angioplasty and Stenting for Restenosis After Carotid Endarterectomy
Cystatin C
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Hemodynamic Study of the Anterior Communicating Artery
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Neurological Outcome in a Porcine Model of Descending Thoracic Aortic Surgery
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Role of Extracellular Matrix in Experimental Vasospasm
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Evolution of Photochemically Induced Focal Cerebral Ischemia in the Rat
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PPBP [4-Phenyl-1-(4-phenylbutyl) Piperidine] Decreases Brain Injury After Transient Focal Ischemia in Rats
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Selective N-Type Calcium Channel Antagonist Omega Conotoxin MVIIA Is Neuroprotective Against Hypoxic Neurodegeneration in Organotypic Hippocampal-Slice Cultures
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Moyamoya and Down Syndrome
Use of a Global Test for Multiple Outcomes in Stroke Trials With Application to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke t-PA Stroke Trial
Concerns Regarding Carotid Artery Angioplasty and Stenting
Concern About Safety of Carotid Angioplasty
Effects of Fluoxetine and Maprotiline on Functional Recovery in Poststroke Hemiplegic Patients Undergoing Rehabilitation Therapy
Heparin Ameliorates Brain Injury by Inhibiting Leukocyte Accumulation