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Bottlenecks in Acute Stroke Care and Research
Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
Adiponectin and Risk of Stroke
Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor
Shared Genetic Susceptibility to Ischemic Stroke and Coronary Artery Disease
Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients With Multiple Cervical Artery Dissection
Cerebral Vasomotor Reactivity and Risk of Mortality
Longitudinal Effects of a Decade of Aging on Carotid Artery Stiffness
Extending the Indications of Flow Diversion to Small, Unruptured, Saccular Aneurysms of the Anterior Circulation
C-Reactive Protein Predicts Hematoma Growth in Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Pediatric Intracerebral Hemorrhage Score
Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Maintenance Dialysis Hospitalizations
Cerebral Microbleeds as a Predictor of 1-Year Outcome of Poststroke Depression
Predicting Asymptomatic Coronary Artery Diseasein Patients With Ischemic Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack
Design and Validation of a Prehospital Stroke Scale to Predict Large Arterial Occlusion
A Prospective Cohort Study of Patients With Transient Ischemic Attack to Identify High-Risk Clinical Characteristics
Perfusion Characteristics of Moyamoya Disease
Multicenter Accuracy and Interobserver Agreement of Spot Sign Identification in Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Relative Cerebral Blood Volume as a Marker of Durable Tissue-at-Risk Viability in Hyperacute Ischemic Stroke
Diagnosing Intracranial Aneurysms With MR Angiography
Arterial Spin Labeling Versus Bolus-Tracking Perfusion in Hyperacute Stroke
Therapeutic Hypothermia After Recanalization in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke
Balloon Guide Catheter Improves Revascularization and Clinical Outcomes With the Solitaire Device
Periprocedural Hemodynamic Depression Is Associated With a Higher Number of New Ischemic Brain Lesions After Stenting in the International Carotid Stenting Study-MRI Substudy
Outcome of Standard and High-Risk Patients With Acute Anterior Circulation Stroke After Stent Retriever Thrombectomy
Remote Ischemic Perconditioning as an Adjunct Therapy to Thrombolysis in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke
Preadmission Oral Anticoagulant Treatment and Clinical Outcome Among Patients Hospitalized With Acute Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation
Within-Day and Weekly Variations of Thrombolysis in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Late Stroke
Protective Effect of Time Spent Walking on Risk of Stroke in Older Men
Robotic Measurement of Arm Movements After Stroke Establishes Biomarkers of Motor Recovery
Bilateral Priming Accelerates Recovery of Upper Limb Function After Stroke
Impact of Stroke Care Unit on Patient Outcomes in a Community Hospital
Socioeconomic Deprivation and Survival After Stroke
Understanding Stroke Survivorship
Quality of Care and Outcomes for In-Hospital Ischemic Stroke
Meta-analysis of the Efficacy of Different Training Strategies in Animal Models of Ischemic Stroke
Loss of Mural Cells Leads to Wall Degeneration, Aneurysm Growth, and Eventual Rupture in a Rat Aneurysm Model
Effect of Normal Aging Versus Hypertension, Abnormal Body Mass Index, and Diabetes Mellitus on White Matter Hyperintensity Volume
Subarachnoid Extension of Intracerebral Hemorrhage and 90-Day Outcomes in INTERACT2
Wall Shear Stress Distribution of Small Aneurysms Prone to Rupture
Pattern Not Volume of Bleeding Predicts Angiographic Vasospasm in Nonaneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Incidence of Oral Anticoagulant–Associated Intracerebral Hemorrhage in the Netherlands
Stroke Awareness Among Inpatient Nursing Staff at an Academic Medical Center
Brush Sign on 3-T T2*-Weighted MRI as a Potential Predictor of Hemorrhagic Transformation After Tissue Plasminogen Activator Therapy
Evolution of Computed Tomography Angiography Spot Sign Is Consistent With a Site of Active Hemorrhage in Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Pilot Study of Intravenous Glyburide in Patients With a Large Ischemic Stroke
Cost of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Canada During 1 Decade
Time to Brain Imaging in Acute Stroke Is Improving
Deferoxamine Attenuates White Matter Injury in a Piglet Intracerebral Hemorrhage Model
MicroRNA-18a Improves Human Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation Endothelial Cell Function
Anticoagulants for Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
2013 Thomas Willis Award Lecture
Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa and Risk of Stroke
Factors Influencing the Decline in Stroke Mortality
Stroke Literature Synopses
Young Patient With Headache and Amaurosis Fugax
American Stroke Association Stroke Council Update
Letter by Taguchi et al Regarding Article, “Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke
Response to Letter Regarding Article, “Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke