Quantum Chemical Model of a Lysozyme+Substrate Complex and a Cooperative Process in It
Electronic Structure and Chemical Bonding in Lead Hexacyanoferrate
The Chemical State of Sulfur in Cadmium Dithiocarbamate
Electron Diffraction and Quantum Chemical Study of the Molecular Structure of para-Methylbenzenesulfonyl Fluoride and para-Methylbenzenesulfonyl Bromide
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra and Electronic Structure of Solid Solutions Based on Cubic Boron Nitride
Electronic Structure of Fe+X Alloys (X = Si, Ge, Co)
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of the Electronic Structure of the Condensed State of Transition Metal Systems
X-Ray Photoelectron Study of Thorium Silicate ThSiO4· nH2O and Uranium Silicate USiO4· nH2O
Study of Aluminum–Oxygen Binary Systems
Parameters and Form of the Mössbauer Spectra of Iron(III) β-Diketonates
H/D Isotope Substitution Effect on the Structural and Thermodynamic Parameters of Intermolecular Interaction in Methanol at 278-318 K
IR Spectroscopic Study of the State of Water in Dioxane and Acetonitrile
Layered Perovskite-Like Crystals with (A1+C1) Stacks in the Structure
Crystal Structure of (Hg, Ce, Cu)(Sr, Pr)2(Pr, Sr)Cu2 O6+δ and (Hg, □)(Sr, Pr)2(Pr, Sr)2Cu3O8+δ Phases
Crystal Structure of Li-Analcime
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Nitrosoruthenium Triammino Complex [RuNO(NH3)3Cl(H2O)]Cl2
Structure of Metal Bischelates with Enaminoketone Derivatives of Sterically Hindered 2-Imidazoline
Character of Enolization of the β-Dicarbonyl Fragment in α, γ-Dioxocarboxylic Acids. Crystal and Molecular Structure of Benzoyl- and Cinnamoylpyruvic Acids
Crystal Structure of 1,10-Diazonia-18-crown-6 Bis(hydrogen oxalate) and 1,10-Diazonia-18-crown-6 Oxalate Dihydrate
Role of Nondipole Transitions in Formation of K-Edge Extended Electron Energy Loss Fine Structure
A New Analytical Method for Calculating Molecular Integrals in a Basis Set of Exponential Atomic Orbitals. Overlap Integrals
A New Analytical Method for Calculating Molecular Integrals in a Basis Set of Exponential AO. Coulomb Interaction Coefficients
35Cl NQR Spectra and Nonequivalence of Trichloromethyl Chlorine Atoms in Chloral Ammonia Derivatives
Crystal Structure of the K6[W4S4(CN)12]·2H2O·2CH3OH Cluster Complex
Synthesis and Molecular and Crystal Structure of 2-Dimethylaminomethyleneamino-6-p-tolyl-1,3-oxazin-4-one
Crystal Structure of 1,10-Diazonia-18-crown-6 Bis(diethyldithiophosphate) Monohydrate
Crystal Structure and Absolute Configuration of 6α-Acetoxy-4-oxo-(1αH, 7αH, 8βH, 10βH)-15(4 → 5 β)abeo-guaia-2,11(13)-dien-8,12-olide
Crystal Structure of 4'-Cyano-benzo-12-crown-4
Journal Of Structural Chemistry
Journal Of Structural Chemistry