Pyramidalized Alkenes
Structure and Transformation in Clusters
The Molecular Structure and the Puckering Potential Function of Octamethylcyclotetrasilane, Si4Me8, Determined by Gas Electron Diffraction and Relaxation Constraints from Ab Initio Calculations1
All-trans- and t,T,t,C,t,T,t-deca-1,3,5,7,9-Pentaenes
Quantum Chemical Study of Hydroxyand Formyl-Substituted Benzenonium Ions1
The Equilibrium CC Bond Length1
Toward a More Accurate Silicon Stereochemistry
Molecular Structure of Germanium Dibromide
Anharmonic Corrections to Structural Experiment Data1
Energy Levels and Orbitals of the Simplest Clusters in N-Dimensions1
Anisotropy of Atomic Van der Waals Radii in the Gas-Phase and Condensed Molecules1
Estimation of the Relative Stabilities of the E,Z-Isomers of α,β-Dialkylsubstituted Methyl Vinyl Ethers by Various Computational Methods1
Theoretical Investigation of the Additivity of Structural Substituent Effects in Benzene Derivatives1
Molecular Structure of MnI2
Computational Molecular Biology