Relative Stabilities and Molecular Structures of the Geometrical Isomers of α,α′-Dioxasubstituted Cycloalkylidenecycloalkanes. A DFT Study
Relative Stabilities of the Geometrical and Conformational Isomers of 2-Alkylideneoxacycloalkanes. A DFT Study
Relative Stabilities and Molecular Structures of Isomeric Dihalobenzenes. A DFT Study
[13C]Dynamic NMR and Molecular Modeling of 2,4-Bis(N-Pyrrolidinyl)-6-chloro-s-triazine
Molecular Dipole Moment and Interaction Dipole Moment in 2-N-Substituted Amino-3(or 5)-methyl-4-nitropyridines and Their N-Oxides
Equilibrium Structure of Beryllium Dibromide from Combined Gas Electron Diffraction and Vibrational Spectroscopy Analysis
2′,6′-Dimethoxyflavone as an Aid to the Crystallization of Benzoic Acids and X-Ray Structure of the Inclusion Compound with 2,4,6-Trimethoxybenzoic Acid
Estimation of the Enthalpies of Formation of Some Common, Solid-Phase Compounds of Considerable Theoretical Importance
Combinatorial Chemistry
Silicon Chemistry.
Green Chemistry
Soft and Fragile Matter