Basicity and Proton Transfer in Proton Sponges and Related Compounds
Positronium Spin-Conversion Reactions Promoted by 3d Complexes in High- and Low-Spin States
Electron Delocalization Caused in 3d Complexes by Azide and Chloride Ligands Checked by Positronium Spin-Exchange Reactions
Ferrocene Compounds. XXVII. Synthesis and Structure of 2-(Ferrocenylmethyl)propane-1,3-diol
Structure and Spectroscopic Characteristics of N,N′-bis(2-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenylmethylidene)2,6-pyridinediamine
Hydrogen Bonds, Tautomers, and Conformation in 2-Hydroxyphenyl 2-hydroxy-2-(β-naphthyl)vinyl Ketone
Paradigms and Paradoxes
Quantum Chemistry
Hydrogen Bond Research.
Job$ in the Drug Industry
Pills, Potions and Poisons