Experimental and Ab Initio Equilibrium Structures of cis-Thionylimide, HNSO
AM1 and PM3 Study of Tautomerism of Hypoxanthine in the Gas and Aqueous Phases
A Mixed Quantum-Classical Approach for Computing Effects of Intramolecular Motion on the Low-Barrier Hydrogen Bond
Spectra and Structure of Silicon-Containing Compounds. XXVIII1 Infrared and Raman Spectra, Vibrational Assignment, and Ab Initio Calculations of Vibrational Spectrum and Structural Parameters of Vinyltrichlorosilane
Conformational Analyses of Glycinal and Alaninal
Structural Characterization of Cadmium Hexacyanometallates(II) and Related Complexes
Synthesis, Spectral Properties, and Crystal Structure of {Methoxo[4-phenylbutane-2,4-dione(p-nitrobenzoyl) hydrazonato(2-)]oxovanadium(V)},
Why are Hexol Cluster Cations [Tris(cis-tetraaminedihydroxo)Co]+6 So Easily Resolved into Their Antipodes? Part 2. Preparation, Crystal Structural Studies and the Nine Sources of Chirality of Hexol Clusters
Relative Thermodynamic Stabilities of Isomeric Vinyl Ethers Derived from 2-Acetyland 2-Isobutyryltetrahydrofurans. An Experimental and DFT Study
Topological Indices and Related Descriptors in QSAR and QSPR