Victor P. Spiridonov (1931–2001)
Determination of Molecular Structure in Terms of Potential Energy Functions from Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction Supplemented by Other Experimental and Computational Data
The Structure of Gaseous Carbon Tetraiodide from Electron Diffraction and All Carbon Iodides, CI n (n = 1–4), and Their Dimers, C2I2n (n = 1–3) from High-Level Computation. Any Other Carbon-Iodide Species in the Vapor?1
Ab Initio Study of the Nonequivalence of Adsorption of D- and L-Peptides on Clay Mineral Surfaces1
Combined Cluster Quantum Chemical MINDO/3 and Ab Initio Study on Zinc Phosphate Structures1
Thermodynamics of Exo–Endo Isomerization of Carbon–Carbon Double Bonds in Five-Membered Ring Compounds. A Quantum Chemical Study
Maxwell's Demon