Quantum Chemical Study of the Preferred Conformations, Molecular Geometries, and Relative Thermodynamic Stabilities of 2-Substituted 4-Methylene-1,3-Dioxolanes and 4-Methyl-1,3-Dioxoles
Conformational Analysis of Epiquinine and Epiquinidine
A New Preparation of Mo2(CO)8(μ-PPh2)2 and W2(CO)8(μ-PPh2)2 by a Phosphorus-Carbon Bond Cleavage Reaction. Crystal Structure of a New Polymorph of Mo2(CO)8(μ-PPh2)2
Conformational Stability of Chloromethyl Silyl Chloride from Temperature-Dependent FT-IR Spectra of Krypton Solutions
A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Interaction of C6F6 with Electron Donors
Boltzmann's Atom