Barbara Mez-Starck (1924–2001)
Statistical Tools of the MOGADOC Database (Molecular Gas-Phase Documentation)1
On the Geometrical Representation of Traceless Tensors1
Molecular Structure of ortho-Fluoronitrobenzene Studied by Gas Electron Diffraction and Ab Initio MO Calculations1
The Equilibrium C–Cl, C–Br, and C–I Bond Lengths from Ab Initio Calculations, Microwave and Infrared Spectroscopies, and Empirical Correlations1
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Adsorption of Organic Compounds at the Clay Mineral/Aqueous Solution Interface1
α BB Resonance in the ν8 Band of Borazine –10B11
Molecular Structure of Neodymium Tribromide from Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction Data1
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Infrared Spectra of Carbon Monoxide in Kr and Xe Matrices
Microwave Spectra of o-Fluorotoluene and Its 13C Isotopic Species
Equilibrium Structure and Internal Rotation in B2F4 from Electron Diffraction and Spectroscopic Data and Quantum Chemical Calculations1
Carbene Chemistry