Theoretical Study of Intradimer Mechanism for Diamond Growth over Diamond (100)
Solid State Reactions of Hemin with Basic Substances
Vibrational Spectra, Assignment, Conformational Stability and Ab Initio/DFT Calculations for 1-Nitropropane
Quantum Chemical Investigation of Monostanna[n]cyclacenes
Structural Study on NMR and X-Ray of Lactucopicrin—A Guaianolide Ester
Synthesis and Crystal Structure Determination of 6-(N-Isopropyl)Amidino-2-Methylbenzothiazole Hydrochloride Monohydrate and 2-Amino-6-(N-Isopropyl)Amidinobenzothiazole Hydrochloride
Synthesis and Structures of the Novel Pyridoxal Oxime Derivatives
On the Possibility of Using UV Spectroscopy as a Measure of the Low-Barrier Hydrogen Bond
Conformational Stability from Variable-Temperature Infrared Spectra of Krypton Solutions, Ab Initio Calculations, and r o Structural Parameters of Chlorocyclopentane
Solvothermal Synthesis and Structure of Two 2D Tin–Selenides with Long Alkyldiamine NH2(CH2) n NH2 (n = 8, 10)
Quantum Mechanical Studies of Intensity in Electronic Spectra of Fluorescein Dianion and Monoanion Forms
Pioneers of Microbiology and the Nobel Prize
The Spirit of Russian Science
The Symmetry Perspective