Conformational and Database Study on the Intramolecular CH…π Aromatic Bond and Its Possible Influence on the Stereochemistry of Polypeptide Chains
Transition Metal Halide Salts of 1,3-bis(4-Pyridyl)propane
Synthesis, Structures, and Spectroscopic Characterizations of the α and β Forms of bis(N-Phenmethyl-benzimidazole-N) dichloro Cobalt(II) Complex: CoCl2(C7H5 N 2CH2Ph)2
Theoretical Study of Molecular Structure, Reactivity, Lipophilicity, and Solubility of N-Hydroxyurea, N-Hydroxythiourea, and N-Hydroxysilaurea
Salicylaldehyde Benzoyl Hydrazone
Theoretical Study of Formamide Tautomers—A Discussion of Enol-Keto Isomerizations and Their Corresponding Energies
Structures of Two Spiropyrans in the Open and Closed Form
Ab Initio and DFT Study of the Influence of the Allene Group on the Diels–Alder Reaction
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Mixed-Ligand Ni(II) Complex of N-(1-Phenyl-3-methyl-4-benzylidene-5-pyrazolone) p-Nitrobezoylhydrazide and Pyridine
A New [5]Ferrocenophane Containing a N–Si–O–Si–N Bridge. Molecular Structure in the Solid State and in Solution
Peri Interactions in Naphthalene Diketones
Fundamental World of Quantum Chemistry