Looking Back and Ahead
Gas Electron Diffraction and its Influence on the Solution of the Phase Problem in Crystal Structure Determination
Straying From the Beaten Path, and Other Stories About Molecules
Early Days of Gas Electron Diffraction Studies in Japan
High-Temperature Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction
Gas Electron Diffraction and Quantum-Mechanical Study of Dimethyloxalate
IR-LD Spectral Study and ab Initio Calculations of 1-Phenyl 3-Substituted Pyrazol-5-Ones
Crystal Structure of Two Dimethyl 1,3-Thiazolidinedicarboxylates Obtained in Thermal [2 + 3]Cycloaddition of an Azomethine Ylide with 2,2,4,4-Tetramethyl-3-Thioxocyclobutanone
Indirect Nuclear 77Se–77Se Spin–Spin Coupling Constants. Application of Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
Paradigms and Paradoxes
Polyynes vs. Cumulenes
100 Years of Physical Chemistry