The Many Measures of Molecular Dimensions
Fifty Years of Gas-Phase Electron-Diffraction Structure Research
Ab initio Study of Al(III) Adsorption on Stepped 100 Surfaces of KDP Crystals
Synthesis, Structure and Property of Oxo-Bridged Binuclear Iron(III) Complex [Fe(phen)(H2O)3]2O·2SO4
Theoretical and Experimental Study on 3-Phenyl-5-Phenylazo-3H-[1,3,4] Thiadiazole-2-Thione
Complete NMR Elucidation of Two N-Protected Trishomocubane Hydantoins and the Ethyl Ester of the Corresponding Amino Acid
Synthesis, Structure and Photochromic Properties of 1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-4-(4-Bromobenzal)-Pyrazolone-5 Thiosemicarbazone
Porous Solids of Divalent Metal Complexes Assembled Through Hydrogen Bonding and π–π Stacking Interactions
Theoretical Study for Alcoholysis of N-Benzyl 3-Oxo-β-Sultam
Paradigms and Paradoxes
Interplay of Thermochemistry and Structural Chemistry, the Journal (Volume 13, 2002) and the Discipline
Synthesis, Spectral and Structural Study of N-[1-(N,N,N′,N′-Tetramethylphosphoramidoyl)- 1H-Benzimidazol-2-yl]-Propionimidic Ethyl Ether
Stalin's Great Science