Science and Hiroshima
Experimental and Theoretical Studies on (p-methoxyphenyl)thiosemicarbazide
Synthesis and Stereochemistry of New Bis(1,3-Oxathian-2-yl) Derivatives
A Chiral Coordination Polymer of Silver(I) with Saccharinate and Pyridine
Design of Peptides with α,β-Dehydro-Residues
Theoretical Study of Gas-Phase Acidities of Selected Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Crystal and Molecular Structures of Phosphonolactone Derivatives of Chromone
Another Structure Type of Oxotris(oxalato)niobate(V)
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [Co(H2O)6](C19H17O4SO3)2·8H2O
A DFT-Based Study of the Low-Energy Electronic Structures and Properties of Small Gold Clusters
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of β-Amino-α-Phenyl-α-Ferrocenylethanol
Synthesis and Characterization of Tetra-μ-phenolatotetrazinc(II) Complex with 1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-4-(salicylidene hydrazone)-Phenylethylene-Pyrazolone-5
Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Thermal Decomposition of Two Novel Supramolecular Complexes [Ni(cyclen)(H2O)2] (tpa) and [Cu(cyclen)H2O](tpa)·3H2O (Cyclen = 1,4,7,10– Tetraazacyclododecane, tpa = Dianion of Terephalic Acid)
Design of Peptides with α,β-Dehydro Residues
Life Sciences for the Non-Scientist. By Viqar Zaman (Normal University of Singapore) .World Scientific, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, 2003. xii + 172 pp. $38.00/£26.00. ISBN 981-238-330-1 (hardcover), $18.00/£12.00. ISBN 981-238-331-X (pbk)