Chargaff Centennial
Calculations of the Bond Dissociation Energies for NO2 Scission in Some Nitro Compounds
Hydrogen Bonding and Aromatic π–π Stacking in the Crystal Structures of Water-Soluble Daidzein Derivatives
Theoretical and Experimental Studies on a Metallorganic Complex of (Isopropylxanthato)(Phenyl)Mercury(I) [Hg(I)(C6H5)(C4H7OS2)],
Preparation, Structural Characterization and the Molecular Structure of 2,3,5-Trinitro-p-xylene
The Unusual Transformation of an Aromatic 1H-Imidazole into a Non-Aromatic 2H-Imidazole
Ab initio Computational Modeling of Glyphosate Analogs
A Theoretical Study on the Tautomerism of C-Carboxylic and Methoxycarbonyl Substituted Azoles
Ab Initio Study and Its Comparison with X-ray Crystal Structure of 4-[1-(4-Chloro-phenylamino)-ethyl] 5-methyl-2-p-tolyl-2,4-dihydro-pyrazol-3-one
Ion Selective Electrode Determination of Free Versus Total Fluoride Ion in Simple and Fluoroligand Coordinated Hexafluoropnictate (PnF6−, Pn = P, As, Sb, Bi) Salts
Experimental Studies on Isonicotinato Cadmium(II) Complex [Cd(C6H4NO2)2(H2O)4] and Density Functional Calculations
Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of Two Copper(II) Complexes of N-(1-acetyl-2-propylidene) (2-pyridylmethyl) amine
X-ray Crystal and Ab Initio Structures of 3′,5′-di-O-Acetyl-N(4)-Hydroxy-2′-Deoxycytidine and Its 5-Fluoro Analogue
Synthesis and Structural Investigation of a Series of Noncentrosymmetric Cyclohexaphosphates
Understanding the Universe