2003 NIH Protein Structure Initiative Workshop in Protein Production and Crystallization for Structural and Functional Genomics
Protein crystallization in the structural genomics era
Primer Prim'∂r
An automated small-scale protein expression and purification screening provides beneficial information for protein production
Establishing a versatile fermentation and purification procedure for human proteins expressed in the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris for structural genomics
High-throughput, genome-scale protein production method based on the wheat germ cell-free expression system
Cloning grills
Preparation of Escherichia coli cell extract for highly productive cell-free protein expression
Using an Escherichia coli cell-free extract to screen for soluble expression of recombinant proteins
SUMO fusions and SUMO-specific protease for efficient expression and purification of proteins
Production in two-liter beverage bottles of proteins for NMR structure determination labeled with either 15N- or 13C-15N
Production of selenomethionine-labeled proteins in two-liter plastic bottles for structure determination
Genome-scale expression of proteins from Bacillus subtilis *
Automation of protein purification for structural genomics
Expression screening, protein purification and NMR analysis of human protein domains for structural genomics
A scaleable and integrated crystallization pipeline applied to mining the Thermotoga maritima proteome
Laboratory scale structural genomics
Expression of human proteins at the Southeast Collaboratory for Structural Genomics
Towards higher-throughput membrane protein production for structural genomics initiatives*
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