Role of crustal fluids in triggering the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarms
Seismicity and seismotectonics of West Saxony, Germany — new insights from recent seismicity observed with the Saxonian seismic network
Post 2000-swarm microearthquake activity in the principal focal zone of West Bohemia/Vogtland
Earthquake swarms at Upptyppingar, north-east Iceland
Mechanical intrusion models and their implications for the possibility of magma-driven swarms in NW Bohemia Region
Relation of surface movements in West Bohemia to earthquake swarms
Derived gravity field of the seismogenic upper crust of SE Germany and West Bohemia and its comparison with seismicity
Variations in discharge and temperature of mineral springs at the Františkovy Láznê spa, Czech Republic, during a nearby earthquake swarm in 1985/1986
Control of paths of quaternary volcanic products in western Bohemian Massif by rejuvenated Variscan triple junction of ancient microplates
S-wave splitting from records of local micro-earthquakes in West Bohemia/Vogtland
Microseismic study using small arrays in the swarm area of Nový Kostel
The Messina-Reggio earthquake of December 28, 1908