Proof-Theoretic Modal PA-Completeness III
Actuality and World-Indexed Sentences
Selective Revision
Basic Logic, K4, and Persistence
On Canonicity and Strong Completeness Conditions in Intermediate Propositional Logics
Algebraic Kripke Sheaf Semantics for Non-Classical Predicate Logics
Intermediate Set Theory
Essential Stability Theory
Algebraic Semantics of Imperative Programs
Applied Logic
Applied Logic
Logical Physics
Handbook of Logic and Language
Aspects of Incompleteness
A First Course in Fuzzy Logic
Logik, Mathesis universalis and allgemeine Wissenschaft. Leibniz and die Wiederentdeckung der formalen Logik im 19. Jahrhundert
Countable Boolean Algebras and Decidability
An Introduction to Philosophical Logic