From the editors
On quasivarieties and varieties as categories
On the structure of lattices of subquasivarieties of congruence-noetherian quasivarieties
An application of a Theorem of Ash to finite covers
Fragments of R-Mingle
Dominions in quasivarieties of universal algebras
Algebraic theory of quasivarieties of heterogeneous partial algebras
Implicit connectives of algebraizable logics
Fregean logics with the multiterm deduction theorem and their algebraization
Applications of Priestley duality in transferring optimal dualities
A non-finitely based quasi-variety of De Morgan algebras
On subdirectly irreducible OMAs
On relative universality and Q-universality
Finite basis problems and results for quasivarieties
Quasivarieties of cancellative commutative binary modes
Finite quasivarieties and self-referential conditions
Checking quasi-identities in a finite semigroup may be computationally hard
Open questions related to the problem of Birkhoff and Maltsev