Editor's Introduction
Retionality and Human Dignity–Confucius, Kant and Scheffler on the Ultimate Aim of Education
Critical Thinking and Foundational Development
The Cognitive Emotions and Emotional Cognitions
Rational Passions and Intellectual Virtues, A Conceptual Analysis
In Praise of Objective-Subjectivity
Reason in Teaching
Teaching, Reason and Risk
Is There a “Language of Education“?
National Goals for Education and The Language of Education
(RE)Inventing Scheffler, or, Defending Objective Educational Research
Scheffler Revisited on the Role of History and Philosophy of Science in Science Teacher Education
In Defense of Israel Scheffler's Conception of Moral Education
Israel Scheffler's Ethics
Israel Scheffler on Religion, Reason and Education
Reflections on Israel Scheffler's Philosophy of Religion
Total Quality Management