Keeping up with the Joneses: an inside out/upside down view of performance in Wales

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If the relationship between New South Wales (Australia) and the performance culture of old North Wales has a note to sound it is one related to the difference between ‘being’ and ‘knowledge’ in contemporary performance practice. Dramatists as varied as Dic Edwards and Meic Povey, while situated differently in Wales, display a similar undercurrent in their work. But what is it? Flowing alongside this is a sense in which tradition and transition are not so much opposed as distinctively employed. Even an event as international as the ‘Eisteddfod Gerddorol Ryngwladol Llangollen’ seems to draw on, and question, the role of institutionalization in the future of performance culture in Wales. Perhaps a good time, therefore, to ask ‘What comes next?’

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