Microwave Aquametry
A Decision Process Implementation for Microwave Near-Field Characterization of Concrete Constituent Makeup1
Microwave Sensing of Moisture Content in Concrete Using Open-Ended Rectangular Waveguide
Nondestructive Permittivity Profile Retrieval of Non-Planar Objects by Free Space Microwave Techniques
Noncontact Detection of Air Voids Under Glass Epoxy Jackets Using a Microwave System
Complex Permittivity of Liquid and Granular Materials Using Waveguide Cells
Microwave Nondestructive Detection of Corrosion Under Thin Paint and Primer in Aluminum Panels
Full-Wave Modeling of Microwave Planar Reflection Sensors for Material Moisture Testing
Special Issue of Subsurface Sensing Technologies and Applications
Subsurface and Surface Sensing International Book Series