Research strategies for improving the productivity and quality of sugarcane under rainfed and deficient irrigation conditions in Uttar Pradesh, India
Current status of sugar research and development in Nigeria
Modelling of variability in chloroplast number of stomatal guard cells of sugar beet
Broadening of genetic base in sugar crops
Gene expression and phenotype ratios in the reciprocal sugarbeet hybrids
Plantlet regeneration of sugarcane varieties and transient GUS expression in calli by electroporation
Economic optimum NPK fertilizer ratios and time of application for high yield and good quality sugarcane production
Diversity in sugarcane species and hybrids for peroxidase isozyme
Determination of an action threshold for the sugarcane internode borer, Chilo saccchariphagus indicus (Kapur) in Sri Lanka
Chemical ripening of sugarcane
Identification of white leaf disease of sugarcane in Sri Lanka
Possibility of identification and characterization of sugarcane cultivars on the basis of protein profiles
Efficacy of a new herbicide for the control of weeds in sugarcane
Variability in sugarcane under rainfed condition
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