The sea beet ( Beta vulgaris L. ssp. maritima ) of the adriatic coast as source of resistance for sugar beet
Different aerated steam therapy (AST) regimes on the development of grassy shoot disease symptoms in sugarcane
Effect of biocompost and enriched pressmud on sugarcane yield and quality
Effect of green manuring and farm yard manure on growth and yield of sugarcane
Epigenetic variability in agamospermous progeny of sugar beet
An economic assessment of lateral shoot multiplication of sugarcane in Sri Lanka
Comparison of pre- and post-emergence application of herbicides for the control of weeds in sugarcane
An efficient protocol for micropropagation of sugarcane using shoot tip explants
Nutrient status of sugarcane growing soils in central Uttar Pradesh, India
Effect of hormones on direct somatic embryogenesis in sugarcane
Sugarcane pathology, Volume II
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