Incidence of sugarcane yellow leaf virus in clones maintained in the world collection of sugarcane and related grasses at the United States national repository in Miami, Florida
Effect of irrigation regimes on jaggery yield and quality of some sugarcane varieties
Application of insecticide for termite control and its effect on yield contributing characters in sugarcane
Growing severity of ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane in India
Expression of enzyme genes in agamospermous progenies of reciprocal hybrids of sugar beet
Variability of ploidy levels of three sugarcane species in Nigeria
Multiratooning potential of sugarcane genotypes under rainfed condition
Efficacy of organophosphorus derivatives against fungal pathogens of sugarcane: reactions of o,o-diethylchlorophosphate with substituted chalcone hydrazones
A note on extent of selfing in interspecific crosses of Saccharum
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