Ratoon stunting disease
Studies on possibility of using ICUMSA microbiological pour plate methods for refined sugars for enumeration of microbial populations in primary and mixed sugarcane juice
Endogenous hormone levels at technical maturing stage of sugarcane
Combined effect of chemotherapy and meristem culture on sugarcane mosaic virus elimination in sugarcane
Biological control of the sugarcane planthopper by the moth Epiricania melanoleuca (fletcher) in Sri Lanka
Effect of ferrous sulphate on sugarcane varieties grown in iron deficient soil
Sugar recovery zones of India-delineation and critical analysis
New classification of the reproduction modes in sugar beet
Epigenetic and epiplastome variability in apozygotic progenies of sugar beet with 5-azacytidine
Silicon content in juice of sugarcane clones and its association with other characters at different stages of maturity
Role of plant parasitic nematodes on the incidence and severity of sugarcane wilt
A new record of white muscardine fungus on internode borer of sugarcane
Fructose-glucose ratio — A method to identify and classify the maturity of sugarcane
The vapour action of essential oils and monoterpenoids against pathogenic fungi
Changes in ascorbic acid content in sugarcane affected with smut fungus ( Ustilago scitaminea syd.)
Response of zinc and manganese to sugarcane
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