Phytoplasma diseases of sugarcane
Impact of macro-economic policies on the sugar sector of Sri Lanka
Remote sensing
Development and testing of sugarcane juice extractor
Comparison of sugarcane juice based beverage optimisation using response surface methodology with Fuzzy method
Performance evaluation of sugarcane chopper harvester
Compatibility of steinernema feltiae, S. glaseri and heterorhabditis indica with certain fertilizers, herbicide and pesticides
Compatibility of biocontrol agents with fungicides against red rot disease of sugarcane
SDS and Native page protein profile for identification and characterization of elite sugarcane genotypes
Incidence of sugarcane shoot borer under different levels of weed competition, crop geometry, intercropping and nutrient supply systems
Field trials with cotesia flavipes cameron against sugarcane borers in sub tropical india
New insect pests of sugarcane in India
Bioefficacy of imidacloprid against termites in sugarcane
Weed infestation and shoot borer incidence in sugarcane intercropped with aggregatum onion ( Allium cepa var. aggregatum ) under Garden Land conditions
Screening of sugarcane mosaic potyvirus (SCMV) from cane stalk juice
Use of peroxidase isozyme in testing the genetic purity of some micropropagated plant in sugarcane
Storage of jaggery under low temperature for longer duration
Evaluation of tissue culture raised sugarcane for yield and quality
Effect of method and density of planting on growth and yield of late planted sugarcane
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