Major Indian expeditions of Saccharum complex
Labour saving and cost reduction machinery for sugarcane cultivation
Antixenotic effect of sugarcane leaves on feeding and oviposition by pyrilla perpusilla walker
Sugarcane mosaic virus infection progress in relation to age of sugarcane
Isolation and identification of endophytic bacterial strains from sugarcane stalks and their in vitro antagonism against the red rot pathogen
Multiple forms of soluble invertases in sugarcane juice
Talc formulated fluorescent pseudomonads for sugarcane red rot suppression and enhanced yield under field conditions
Pheromone research in sugarcane moth borers of India
Evaluation of different formulations of bacillus thuringiensis against sugarcane early shoot borer chilo infuscatellus snellen
Epigenetic variability of unlinked enzyme genes in agamospermous progeny of sugar beet
A New stalk rot disease of sugarcane caused by phaeocytostroma sacchari in india
Correlation and path analysis for cane yield, juice quality and their component traits in sugarcane
Effect of time of nitrogen application on yield and quality of early maturing sugarcane varieties under rainfed conditions
Chemical control of sugarcane yellow mite (oligonychus sacchari hirst)
Intercropping studies in spring planted sugarcane under flood plain conditions
Economic evaluation of chewing sugarcane production in the Central Zone of Nigeria
Sodium content in juice of sugarcane clones and its relationship with other traits at different stages of maturity
High frequency plant regeneration from sugarcane callus
Post harvest losses in sugarcane
Relative profitability of intercropping vegetable crops in autumn planted sugarcane
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