Theoretical and practical aspects of studies in epigenetic variability in sugarbeet
Mass production of beauveria bassiana isolated from sugarcane root borer, emmalocera depresella swinhoe
In vitro production of entomopathogenic fungi paecilomyces farinosus (hotmskiold) and paecilomyces lilacinus (Thom.) samson using byproducts of sugar industry and other agro-industrial byproducts and wastes
Detection of phytoplasmas associated with grassy shoot and white leaf diseases of sugarcane in sri lanka using fta™ papers
Zeolite as source of saline nutrients in solid state fermentation of sugarcane straw by trichoderma citrinoviride
A novel method for screening sugarcane genotypes for maturity earliness through monitoring chloroplast development and starch accumulation
biomass analysis and selection of sugarcane genotypes for drought tolerance
Sucrose metabolism and expression of key enzyme activities in low and high sucrose storing sugarcane genotypes
Effect of fertiliser and humic acid on rhizosphere microorganisms and soil enzymes at an early stage of sugarcane growth
Cytomorphological studies of saccharum hybrids in relation to yield and quality characters
Post-harvest quality loss of sugarcane genotypes under sub-tropical climate
Variation at isozyme loci in seed offspring of sugar beet gynogenetic lines
Invigouration treatment for improving germination of sugarcane true seed
Minimizing phenol pollution in sugarcane stem apical meristem culture
Molecular characterization of a phytoplasma associated with grassy shoot disease of sugarcane in india
Effect of intra-row spacings, fertilizer levels and planting materials on yield and economics of pre-seasonal sugarcane under drip irrigation
Effect of nutrient combinations on sugarcane productivity
Residual effects of sulphur nutrition on the ratoon crop of sugarcane
Evaluation of herbicides for the control of weeds in spring planted sugarcane
Juice chemical components and technological characteristics of some promising midlate sugarcane clones
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