The UK beet sugar industry — At a glance
Evaluation, refinement and development of tractor operated sugarcane cutter planters
Uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in above ground parts by intergeneric hybrids
Calcium, magnesium and sulphur uptake by above ground parts in intergeneric hybrids
Regeneration and evaluation of sugarcane somaclonal variants for drought tolerance
Isolation and characterization of resistance traits of indigenous strains of Acetobacter diazotrophicus associated with sugarcane
Time course of peroxidase accumulation in sugarcane cultivars in response to Colletotrichum falcatum infection
Controlling twining weed ( Ipomoea sepiaria ) in sugarcane
Evaluation of early maturing promising sugarcane clones for nutrient use efficiency
Isolation, purification, characterization of invertase inhibitor from sugarbeet roots and its role in the sucrose inversion
Improved in vitro culture methodology in sugarcane by introducing Azospirillum sp and Gluconacetobacter sp
Genetic variability in fibre and related characters for selection of sugarcane
Biological and chemical control of eye leaf spot disease of sugarcane
Effect of time and mode of application of potassium on the growth, yield and quality of sugarcane ratoon
An efficient protocol for in vitro micropropagation of sugarcane
Meeting/ Conferences/ Symposia/ Workshop/ Seminars
Breeding strategies for commercially elite early maturing varieties of sugarcane ( saccharum species complex)
Weed control with pre and post emergence herbicides application in spring planted sugarcane
Determination of invert ratio in juice to study the maturity trend of sugarcane clones and its relationship with other quality characters
Effect of ryegrass intercropping on the yield and net profit of autumn planted sugarcane
Rabi onion-intercropping in autumn planted sugarcane
Current references