Improving indigenous sugarcanes of india
Indigenous brown sugar processing technology in nigeria: past and on-going research
Changing faces of U.P. sugar industry
Evaluation of sugarcane cutter planter
Fundamental botanical and agronomical characterisation of sugarcane cultivars for clonal identification and monitoring genetic variations
Study on agroclimatic condition and productivity pattern of sugarcane in india
Sugar metabolism and carbon partitioning of sugarcane genotypes under salinity stress condition
Investigation of sugarcane genetic stocks for leaf blade nitrogen-magnesium ratio at grand growth period and its associations with nutrients ratios, yield components, sucrose and yield of cane and sugar
Response of sugarcane genotypes to water deficit stress
Enhancing efficiency of fertilizer n use in sugarcane by ring-pit method of planting
Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in sugarcane
Development of a sequential count plans for sugarcane internode borer chilo sacchariphagus indicus ( K )
Heterosis in relation to per-se performance and effects of general combining ability in sugarcane
Evaluation of new herbicide for sugarcane in delta region of tamil nadu
Effect of top borer (scirpophaga exerptalis wlk.) infestation on quality of jaggery
Tonnes cane per tonne sugar (tc/ts) - quality ratio of sugarcane genetic stocks at different stages of growth
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