Sugar beet ( Beta vulgaris l. subsp. vulgaris ) production in Poland — Present status and future perspectives
Agro-industrial uses of glycinebetaine
Sugarcane improvement in Guangxi
Beneficial effects of ethephon application on sugarcane under sub-tropical climate of China
Chemical ripening of sugarcane: global progress and recent developments in China
Molecular marker application in sugarcane
Progress of sugarcane disease research in China: recent developments
Genetic diversity of ustilago scitaminea in mainland China
Control of insect pests in sugarcane: ipm approaches in China
New developments in sugar-based products and cane by-products utilization in China
Eco-friendly management of sugar industry effluents in Guangxi, China
Production cost management in Chinese sugar industry
Evaluation of sugarcane varieties for maturity earliness and selection for efficient sugar accumulation
Differential gene expression in embryogenic, non-embryogenic and desiccation induced cultures of sugarcane
Performance of some promising sugarcane varieties in the vertisols and alluvial soils at Numan, Nigeria
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