Heralding a new era for sugar industry in China
Status of sugar industry in Mauritius
Clean cane with nitrogen fixing bacteria
Effects of market liberalization on income from sugarcane farming in Guangxi, China
Effect of application of inorganic and organic fertilizers on growth, yield and quality of sugarcane
Salt stress in relation to nutrient accumulation and quality of sugarcane genotypes
Trehalose synthase gene transfer mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens enhances resistance to osmotic stress in sugarcane
Molecular diversity among Saccharum, Erianthus, Sorghum, Zea and their hybrids
Impact of mosaic infection on growth and yield of sugarcane
Uptake of major nutrients in above ground parts of promising mid late maturing sugarcane clones
Variation at isozyme loci in cultured in vitro sugar beet regenerants of gynogenetic origin
Environmental pollution and its management in sugar industry in India
Effect of riboflavin on initiation and multiplication of shoot cultures of sugarcane
Effect of intersettling spacing on sugarcane yield and quality
Evaluation of zero tillage technique in sugarcane under the different methods of weed control
A brief report on International Symposium on Sustainable Sugarcane and Sugar Production Technology 29th November -2nd December, 2004 Nanning, China
President and Vice President of The Society for Sugar Research and Promotion (SSRP) honoured during International Symposium IS-2004 in China
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