Effect of enriched pressmud cake on growth, yield and quality of sugarcane
Interaction of Lixophaga diatraeae (towns.) and Tetrastichus howardi (Olliff.) for management of Diatraea saccharallis (Fab.) in Cuba
Genetic diversity analysis of indian sugarcane breeding pool based on sugarcane specific STMS markers
Assessment of genetic purity of micropropagated plants of sugarcane by isozyme and RAPD analysis
Integrated nutrient management with organic and inorganic fertilizers on productivity of sugarcane ratoon in bangladesh
Direct and residual effects of sulphur fertilization on productivity of sugarcane
Response of sugarcane varieties to application of nitrogen fixing bacteria under different nitrogen levels
Transmission studies on an indian isolate of sugarcane mosaic potyvirus
Role of female parent in the inheritance of brix in early selection stages of sugarcane
Effect of nitrogen levels and row spacing on yield, ccs and nitrogen uptake in different sugarcane varieties
Beneficial Effect of Ethephon on Yield and Sucrose Productivity of Sugarcane Cultivars in Thailand
Growth rate differences of wild vs laboratory reared sugarcane adapted strains of trichogramma chilonis ishii (hymenoptera: trichogrammatidae)
Development and testing of rotary dryer for the indigenous cottage sugar industry in nigeria
Sugarbeet Plants Produced by Agamospermy as a Model for Studying Genome Structure and Function in Higher Plants
Detection of Phytoplasmas Causing Grassy Shoot Disease in Sugarcane by PCR Technique
Stms Marker for Tagging High Sugar Genes in Sugarcane
Clarification Efficiency of Synthetic and Herbal Clarificants in Quality Jaggery Production
Evaluation of Promising Sugarcane Genotypes for Drought
Effect of Methods of Irrigation and Mulching on the Quality and Productivity of Sugarcane
Young and Fast Growing Plants as Better Feeding Material for Deltocephalus vulgaris , a Leafhopper Vector of Sugarcane Grassy Shoot Phytoplasma
Evaluation of Top, Middle and Bottom Stalk of Sugarcane as Planting Material
Comparative Performance of Micropropagated and Conventionally Raised Crops of Sugarcane
Minimum Sample Size Required for Estimating the Progeny Population of Mean and Variance
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