Contribution of organic matter and chemical nitrogen on soil microbial biomass and sugarcane early-growth dry matter
Cellular target of helminthosporium sacchari Toxin in sugarcane tissue
Comparison of pcr and dac-elisa for the diagnosis of sugarcane bacilliform virus in sugarcane
Regulation of somatic embryogenesis by plant growth regulators in sugarcane
Comparison of methods for studying genotype x environment interaction in sugarcane
Relative performance of sugarcane genotypes for jaggery (gur) quality and storage
Leaf nitrogen — sodium ratio in sugarcane clones and its associations with other parameters at grand growth period
Natural genetic sampling
Physiological studies and sucrose metabolism during root development in three sugar beet cultivars
response of new sugarcane genotypes to wide row spacing
Influence of meteorological factors on population build-up of chilo auricilius dudgeon in sugarcane under subtropical conditions
Biochemical changes during flowering of sugarcane
Management of borer complex in sugarcane through companion cropping under drought condition of palar river basin area
Higher sett rate of sugarcane at planting as a cultural technique for the management of chilo infuscatellus snell
Evaluation of synthetic sex pheromone of sugarcane top borer (scirpophaga excerptalis walk)
Evaluation on zero tillage technique in sugarcane under different methods of weed control
Occurrence of new highly aggressive race of Colletotrichum falcatum in North Western zone of India
Correlation and path analysis in sugarcane ratoon
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