Sugarcane information and management system for mitr phol sugar group, Thailand
Sugarcane cultivation and sugar industry in Japan
Status and trends of sugar industry in China
Trends in farm mechanization by sugarcane small land holders in Sri Lanka
Microsatellite DNA marker-assisted selection of Saccharum spontaneum cytoplasm-derived germplasm
Cellulase production with sugarcane straw by Trichoderma citrinoviride on solid bed
Efficacy of inundative release of Trichogramma chilonis in the management of the sugarcane internode borer, Chilo sacchariphagus indicus (K.)
Effect of organic and clay material amendment on physical properties of degraded sandy soil for sugarcane production
Identification of a new nitrogen fixing endo-bacterium strain isolated from sugarcane stalk
Specific adaptation of colletotrichum falcatum pathotypes to sugarcane cultivars
Parental potential of sugarcane clones for drought resistance breeding
Molecular profiling using RAPD technique of salt and drought tolerant regenerants of sugarcane
Sucrose metabolism in different sugar beet cultivars
Post-harvest deterioration of sugarcane and chemical methods to minimize sucrose losses
Distribution of sugarcane mosaic and sugarcane streak mosaic virus in India
Influence of spacing on growth and yield of sugarcane raised through in vitro micropropagation
Plantlet regeneration through leaf callus culture in sugarcane
Efficacy of CGA 362 and ametryn with pre-emergence herbicides on weed control in sugarcane
Nitrogen management in sugarcane seed crop
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