Research vision to manage red-rot disease of sugarcane in India
Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Center, Thailand
Potential of developing sugarcane by-product based industries in India
Conservation of Saccharum spontaneum as defuzzed true seed
Oxidative stress response and glutathione linked enzymes in relation to growth of sugarcane plants exposed to hexavalent chromium
Change in nucleic acid content and expression of salt shock proteins in relation to salt tolerance in sugarcane
Post-harvest quality deterioration of cane juice: physio-biochemical indicators
Co 94012— a new sugarcane variety through somaclonal variation
Effect of common packing materials on keeping quality of sugarcane jaggery during monsoon season
Sulphur uptake by sugarcane genetic stocks and its relationship with the uptake of other nutrients, and sugar productivity
Harvest index — sugar yield in sugarcane genetic stocks and its association with yield attributes, nutrients ratio and sucrose
Viability and virulence of selected beauveria brongniartii formulations against Holotrichia serrata
Improving efficacy of Trichogramma chilonis against shoot borer, Chilo infuseatellus (Snellen) in sugarcane ecosystem of tropical India
A simple mass rearing method for dipha aphidivora, the pyralid predator of sugarcane woolly aphid ceratovacuna lanigera
Trichoderma induced improvement in growth, yield and quality of sugarcane
Status of some natural enemies on sugarcane borer pests in relation to weather parameters
Contribution of green and farm yard manure in the nitrogen nutrition of sugarcane
Feasibility of ethanol production from cultivated sugarcane varieties of punjab
Artificial induction of flowering in sugarcane under sub-tropical conditions — A successful approach
Deterioration in sugarcane due to pokkah boeng disease
Cane yield and quality characters of some promising somaclonal variants of sugarcane
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