Sugarcane breeding institute, Coimbatore
Centralisation of sugarcane milling operations: matching agronomics with economics
Potential of sugarcane bagasse for production of furfural and its derivatives
Evaluation of antioxidant activity of bound phenolics of sugarcane under in vitro conditions
Effect of methods of irrigation and trash mulching on biophysico-chemical environs of soils in sugarcane agroecosystem
Impact of irrigation of distillery spentwash on the nutrients of pulses in untreated and treated soil
Sucrose accumulation and expression of enzyme activities in early and mid-late maturing sugarcane genotypes
Identification of new microsatellite DNA markers for sugar and related traits in sugarcane
Quick detection of Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli by PCR and nucleotide sequence analysis of PCR amplicons from Chinese Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli isolates
Evaluation of smut inoculation techniques in sugarcane seedlings
Pre milling cane preparation for high sugar recovery and reduction of post harvest losses in sugarcane
Assessment of sugar losses during staling in different varieties of sugarcane under subtropical condition
Effects of periodic flood stress on sugarcane yield and yield contributing characters
Sugarasia 2008