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Social Problem Solving in Adolescents with Suicidal Behavior: A Systematic Review
Borderline Personality Disorder and Deliberate Self-Harm: Does Experiential Avoidance Play a Role?
Social Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide Attempts in Low Income African American Men and Women
After the Attempt: Maintaining the Therapeutic Alliance Following a Patient's Suicide Attempt
Adolescent Suicidality: Who Will Ideate, Who Will Act?
An Empirical Taxonomy of Social-Psychological Risk Indicators in Youth Suicide
Income Inequality and Risk of Suicide in New York City Neighborhoods: A Multilevel Case-Control Study
Securing a Suicide Hot Spot: Effects of a Safety Net at the Bern Muenster Terrace
Psychological Factors in Deliberate Self-Harm As Seen in an Urban African Population in Uganda: A Case-Control Study
Suicide in Batman, Southeastern Turkey