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Integratively Assessing Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Suicide
Negative Bodily Self in Suicide Attempters
Developmental Differences in Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts between Ninth and Eleventh Graders
Parents' and Teachers' Concordance with Children's Self-Ratings of Suicidality: Findings from a High-Risk Sample
Strengthening the Validity of Population-Based Suicide Rate Comparisons: An Illustration Using U.S. Military and Civilian Data
Epidemiology of Nonfatal Deliberate Self-Harm in the United States as Described in Three Medical Databases
Psychiatric Hospitalization after Deliberate Self-Poisoning
Clinical Diagnostic and Sociocultural Dimensions of Deliberate Self-Harm in Mumbai, India
Suicide Risk at Juvenile Justice Intake
Stressful Segregation Housing and Psychosocial Vulnerability in Prison Suicide Ideators