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Sooner Versus Later: Factors Associated with Temporal Sequencing of Suicide
The Social Context of Adolescent Suicide Attempts: Interactive Effects of Parent, Peer, and School Social Relations
Examining the Relationship Between At-Risk Gambling and Suicidality in a National Representative Sample of Young Adults
Does Availability of Mental Health Resources Prevent Recurrent Suicidal Behavior? An Ecological Analysis
Grief Shortly After Suicide And Natural Death: A Comparative Study Among Spouses and First-Degree Relatives
Suicide in Peacekeepers: Risk Factors for Suicide Versus Accidental Death
Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression, Rumination, Hopelessness, and Suicidal Ideation: Multiple Pathways to Self-Injurious Thinking
Soluble Interleukin 2 Receptor Levels, Temperament and Character in Formerly Depressed Suicide Attempters Compared with Normal Controls
Social Work Education in Suicide Intervention and Prevention: An Unmet Need?
Suicide Risk Among Persons with Foreign Background in Denmark